I’m James David Williams of Barlow & Williams. We are a boutique M&A law firm based in the Triangle region of North Carolina helping clients buy and sell businesses all over the world. In recent months, we have closed deals ranging in value from under $1 million to over $5million in a number of different verticals with a specialty in SaaS businesses. We are currently working with multiple searchers to close their acquisitions of brick-and-mortar, online, and hybrid businesses, including some who are taking advantage of SBA financing. We bring BigLaw experience and boutique client service, and we use flat-fee pricing structures so that our clients aren’t afraid of us running up the bill with unnecessary edits or negotiating that could introduce deal risk. I’m happy to discuss the legal aspects of due diligence, LOIs, or negotiating the definitive deal documents. Anyone can book a meeting with me by sending me a message or using this link: https://calendly.com/jamesdavid-4/30min.