Hi, all,

As many of you know, I'm a consolidator in the fitness space. As part of that venture I've invested time and money into a proprietary software solution to automate and streamline as much of my deal sourcing and outreach as possible so I could find every gym in a given area, find both the company and employees/owner's contact information, then automate my outreach to them in as few clicks as possible. It is important to note, this is not a simple data scraping tool, as those tend to go against TOS of many services. Rather, this tool uses real-time map data along with combining a few other data sources and APIs to generate all of its data.

After some convincing, I have decided to tailor this system to work for any industry, every continent, and put it out to the public.

This community has been consistently great, and I want to give back to it. For anyone who comment below or DM me with interest, let's hop on a zoom call and I'll get you 25+ leads of any industry you want in an area of your choosing for free.

Whether you're a searcher, broker, investor, private equity firm, fellow consolidator, professional service company partner, or what-have-you, I hope to help everyone in the community find more deals!