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Project Stack specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of a specific building component serving diverse applications in residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Operating as a dedicated component wholesaler, all pricing and sales transactions are routed through a network of preferred dealers, consistently maintaining an average order size around $5,000 and pursuing a 35-40% gross margin on all transactions. The Company is well-regarded in the building material manufacturing industry for robust design capabilities and competently managing projects with varying degrees of complexity. It maintains a strong connection with customers, which ensures they have access to essential information for both ongoing and upcoming projects. Stack is noted for its adaptability in tackling complex projects and for nurturing sustainable relationships within its customer groups. Customers look to Stack for bespoke solutions that match their construction requirements with reliability and quality. The owners of Stack are considering a sale as they near retirement and lack a clear succession plan. One owner has begun training a replacement over the past year and wishes to exit once the transition is complete. The other owners, who are responsible for sales, are open to staying on for 3-5 years, or potentially longer, if the conditions are favorable.

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