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This business offers product coordination between big box clients and manufacturers and can be operated from anywhere! They are well-established after being in business for over a decade, and the overhead is kept low due to employees all working remotely. Their service is to coordinate the product order between the client and the manufacturer. They do not sell directly to consumers. This company has built strong relationships with various wholesale clubs and big box retailers, including Costco, Sams Club, Target, and Home Depot. These clients rely on their expertise in retail coordination to secure goods efficiently and effectively. The owner is planning to retire and has initiated a divestment plan to sell the company. The seller has offered to stay with the business for 2-3 years post-close and is willing to accommodate the buyer and ensure a smooth transition during the sale process. The team of three staff members includes a full-time General Manager, a full-time Administrator, and a part-time Client Coordinator. This lean structure allows the company to maintain low overhead costs and focus on providing quality services to their clients. The current owner is actively involved in the business, spending 35 hours a week on general oversight and communicating with the team Priced at $1,100,000, a 10% down payment of $110,000 will return $122,533 in the first year after debt payments, a 111% return on investment! Growth opportunities include expanding their marketing strategy, developing a social media presence, and incorporating drop shipping into their operations. By doing so, the company can increase its client base and further establish itself as a leading retail coordination service provider.

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