The first 100 days after acquiring a small business are critical. During this time, the new owners need to learn as much as possible about the business and its operations. They should also develop a plan for how they want to grow the business and make changes, if necessary. Communication with the employees and customers is key during this time, as is developing a good relationship with the previous owner, if possible.For the second episode in our First 100 days mini series on Twitter Spaces, we have invited Kaustubh Deo, President at Blooma Tree Experts. As the day-to-day operator of Blooma Tree Experts, Kaustubh manages all things finance, business administration, HR, and more. Kaustubh grew up in Redmond and went to high school at University Prep in northeast Seattle. After a 10-year stint on the East Coast, he’s excited to be back home in the Seattle area helping support our clients & crews.Kaustubh decided to buy a tree care business because of its potential for growth and its ability to provide a service that is essential to the community. He has been able to transfer his skills in financial analysis and negotiation to his new business, and he is confident that he will be able to grow the business and provide a high level of service to his customers.Join us on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022- 5pm US Eastern Time / 4pm US Central / 2pm Pacific Time to hear his story and you ask questions about his experience.
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