Excited to share a compelling private business investment that we believe will generate 36-48% unlevered net IRRs and 4-7x multiple of invested capital over five years.

Our firm is buying the company and investing up to $1mm into this durable, cycle-proven business that has grown for 65 years (founded in 1958).

Project Sound is a global acoustics, audio-visual and technology consulting firm that works with over 100 architects and developers across most commercial end markets (Education, Government, Hospitality, Healthcare, Data Centers, Performing Arts).

The company, with over 100% returns on capital employed, generated 2023 sales and EBITDA of $3.5mm and $1.4mm respectively, across 189 projects with 91 unique architects and developers in 30+ geographies. The company’s backlog of $4.5mm includes 250+ projects across 120+ unique clients.

Below is the teaser document. If interested, please email me at --@----.com and we will send you the full investment memo.

https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/h81ebjbp4s75svhutnmhk/Project-Sound-Teaser###-###-#### pdf?rlkey=y0qqte7tkd9kkr4fbphpbwo01&dl=0

We are raising a total of $4mm and asking for soft commitments ($100K min) by April 19 and capital calls by May 17.

Matt --@----.com