Apart from Business Brokers, I can think of the following key intermediaries to engage for proprietary deal flow:

1.Accounting Firms 2.M&A advisory firms / small investment banks 3.Wealth Managers 4.Lawyers 5.Trade Experts / Board members at local chamber of commerce 6.Succession Planning folks 7.Private consultants who work with SMB owners 8.Commercial Bankers 9.Commercial Real Estate Brokers 10.Valuation Advisors

In using the search time effectively, wanted to get thoughts from this group on which of these intermediaries have helped them with getting more deal flow ? I’ve tried reaching out to Accounting firms that do some M&A advisory and have had positive experience there. Most importantly, would love to know which of these intermediaries didn’t materialize to a decent deal flow (benefit/effort) for searchers here.
Also, please add any other sources/intermediaries that you found very helpful but I haven’t included above. Thanks!