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This premium playground company handles the sales, delivery, and installation of recreation equipment consisting of residential playground equipment (65% of revenue), commercial playground equipment (5% of revenue), trampolines (12% of revenue), and basketball equipment (12% of revenue). They also host on-site birthday parties and free-play time which allows for a significant amount of cross-advertising and makes up 6% of their revenue. This is held in their 20,000 sq. ft. facility which consists of 5,000 sq. ft of offices and party rooms, 10,000 sq. ft show of floor/ play space, and 5,000 sq. ft warehouse and equipment storage There are no comparable competitors in this business’s area and they are able to control the quality and timeliness of every instillation through their well-trained and experienced team. Their staff consists of 3 in store sales associates, 1 receptionist and greeter, 2 installers, 2 seasonal installers, and 2 subcontractors. Established in 1993, the reputation of this business is incredibly well known in the Omaha area and is overall positive, as a large portion of their customer base has approached them due to word of mouth. The current owner purchased this business in 2009 and since then has worked full-time with responsibilities consisting of payroll, marketing, accounting, general oversite, scheduling, and logistics. The current owner is looking to sell in order to spend more time with his family, and has offered a transition/ training period of up to one year to ensure a smooth transition. Priced at $1,750,000, a new owner would see a 132% return on investment in the first year of purchase! With growth opportunities including partnering with small schools, public parks, and growing the commercial side of business, this business is primed for new ownership to step in and build the upon the growth pattern seen in recent years while benefiting from the day-to-day activities of bringing joy to children that current ownership revels in.

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