Looking for a buyer.
Based in Indiana, the Company excels in crafting metal components for the bus, cargo trailer, and RV OEM sectors, establishing a reputation for outstanding customer service and adherence to customer needs. The Company offers extensive metal fabrication services to clients in Indiana, nearby states, and the Western U.S., facilitated by an efficient delivery network and strong supplier connections for quick access to high-quality materials. The Company distinguishes itself through a comprehensive equipment inventory, strong customer relationships, and efficient production workflows, ensuring high-quality outputs. This is further enhanced by cutting-edge machinery that caters to sophisticated technological requirements. As the Company transitions, leadership is strategically shifting operational duties to essential management staff, with plans to expand the team to maintain operational excellence. The owners are in search of a strategic acquirer to propel the Company’s growth and enhance its longstanding legacy. The Company owns the facility, and the owners prefer to sell the real estate. Buyers will be required to have a minimum of $1,000,000, solid credit, and preferably industry experience to qualify for financing.

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exclusive representation
Indiana, USA
real estate
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