Hi Everyone - I've been looking into the search fund concept for a few months now, mainly here on SearchFunder and reading through the HBR Guide by Ruback and Yudkoff, as well as the 2016 Stanford primer, which have all been amazing resources.
I wanted to see if there were any searchers who are currently looking, or maybe those that have gone through the process before who would be willing to catch up about preparing for the search process?  I'm mainly thinking of the logistics of the first steps - forming an LLC, reaching out to investors, etc - and timing it with leaving my stable day job.  This seems to be a part of the process which I can't find a lot of information on, and I figure the best way to find out is through those who have done it already.  
Looking forward to hearing from you!


edit 1-Aug:  I wanted to say thanks to everyone that's reached out and those who already have time on my calendar - I really appreciate the collaboration within this community.  I recently came across some sage advice from ^[redacted]‌'s blog where he writes about Searching Mid-Career (also not a bad idea to those still in University):