Seeking capital.
• Logistics/trucking company with 26 trucks • Dry van hauling currently with some dedicated routes. • Working to go into the refrigerated trucking market. • The entire team running day to day operations is set up for after acquisition. • It produces 20%+ average profit margins when the industry average is 5.6%. • The purchase price to acquire the business is $8.877 million. • On top of this, the owner agreed to carry $1.4 million in an equipment financing loan as well. • I also have a term sheet of $4.8 million for the main acquisition loan. • And investors have committed up to $500,000 of capital already. Because of the deal structure and cash flow this business produces, this allows us to pay distributions of potentially up to 50% of free cash flow after all expenses to investors. These things combine to increase estimated equity investors returns to 41.3% annually. Anything above 10% per year consistently is great. And this is without further acquisitions which we already have in the works. Bottom Line • We’re seeking to raise $2.6 million in exchange for up to 30% of the equity to close this deal. • Investors can earn estimated 41.3% annual returns. • The company is on track to earn $8 million in revenue this year - a 10%+ improvement from last year. • And on this its projected to earn ~$2.4 million in SDE and ~$2.2 million in EBITDA. Again, improvements over last year. • It’s a Warren Buffett style long term investment that I plan to build into a platform and grow over the long term. If you're interested in learning more, I can tell you anything you’d like to hear about it. • Historical numbers • Projected numbers going forward • Competitive advantages • Growth plans and projections • The team who will run the day-to-day operations - including the current owner/President staying on as an advisor... And he's run trucking companies up to $800 million • And much more. If you're interested in learning more, please email me here on Searchfunder or email me at so we can set a time to talk.

Arkansas, USA
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