Seeking capital.
With experience in financial services, technology, and childcare mergers and acquisitions, I have discovered an opportunity to purchase a portfolio and expand it independently. The owner has accepted my offer for the portfolio at $2.8 million. Of this amount, the owner is providing financing for $800,000. To complete the financing structure, I plan to contribute $250,000 in personal equity and secure $750,000 through an SBA loan. Additionally, I'm in the process of seeking $1 million in equity investments to fully fund the acquisition. The owner is retiring, and initial due diligence (DD) revealed no concerns. I plan to conduct a thorough DD and engage a provider for a Quality of Earnings (QE) over the next 2 months, planning to put down $250K of equity myself.

Consumer Services
Virginia, USA
proposed price
owner financing
target debt
target equity
SBA eligibility
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