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A portfolio of 19 software, AI & digital products with a very strong web & media presence. Requires less than 1 hour per day! This business is a vibrant tapestry of 19 cutting-edge applications, each masterfully crafted for booming and sought-after niches. Whether it's revolutionizing business planning, pioneering AI content generation, transforming vacation planning, or streamlining study organization, this portfolio is a dynamic powerhouse that caters to a vast array of customer needs. Imagine a business that practically runs itself, a turnkey operation so intuitive that virtually anyone can step in and steer it towards success. With a team of skilled virtual assistant (VA) developers always on standby to resolve any technical challenges, the heavy lifting is already taken care of. Your role as the owner? Simply oversee customer support and manage product offerings with media and deal partners. Even better, this only takes about 45 to 60 minutes a day, 3 to 5 days a week - leaving you ample time to focus on scaling or enjoying life. And let's talk about visibility and acclaim. This business's innovative range has garnered substantial attention, featuring prominently in some of the world's most prestigious online media outlets. Picture your business being talked about in The New York Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Mashable, PC Mag, Mac World, Tech Republic, Apple World, PC World, Lifehacker, and many others. More information here: https://www.westboundroad.com/portfolio-of-19-tech-products.html

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