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Revenue has doubled between###-###-#### and has grown 4x over the last four years###-###-#### at this port logistics and short haul company! By definition, Port Drayage is the transport of freight from an ocean port to a destination, also described as transporting goods over short distances (aka the first mile). This makes up 96% of their revenue, while the other 4% is intermodal, which is rail, when they use 53 ft. trailers for local pickup and delivery. This business boasts an incredible 85% repeat client base, which is made up primarily of manufacturers. The majority of products being handled are housewares and household cleaning products. Their team is made up of 50+ employees, including 1 Operations Manager, 1 Sales Director, 1 Fleet Manager, 1 HR & Recruiting, 3 Accounting, 1 Leasing Manager, 2 Dispatchers, 2 Customer Service Reps, 30 Drivers, and Mechanics. The current owner has very little client interaction and handles general oversight of the team. The goal is to find a strategic buyer who can handle the impressive growth the company is seeing. To ensure a successful transition, the owner is willing to stay on board for 3-5 years post-close. As a show of good faith and vested interest in the business, the owner is also open to both 10% seller financing and a 10% equity roll! Upon closing, a buyer would also receive over $6.5M in assets, including $3.5M in working capital. Priced at $7,200,000 this business has a well-established team and chain of command for a new owner to easily step into. This acquisition opportunity also comes with enough stability and a long enough transition period for new ownership to implement different growth opportunities like an active marketing schedule or focused outside sales tactics to expand the current client base via referrals or cold contacts for even further growth.

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