If you're a current or aspiring CEO and have not yet read Bob Pritchett's book “Fire Someone Today”, then you're seriously missing out. I first read the book when I acquired my own company in 2014 on the recommendation of an investor/mentor, and have since read it again at least 3 more times. This is truly the SMB CEO's book written by a SMB CEO.

I was thrilled that Bob joined me on my podcast (link below). In addition to being an author, Bob is first and foremost a Founder, lifetime entrepreneur and CEO: Bob founded a software company (now named Faithlife) in 1992, and acted as its CEO for 30 years. During Bob's tenure, Faithlife grew both organically and inorganically from two employees to over 500, with the company now serving thousands of customers across 170 countries worldwide.

In our conversation, we discuss (among other things):

- The merits and risks of pursuing an entrepreneurial venture with a partner

- Why many business partnerships fail (and how to avoid these pitfalls)

- When you should actually listen to your customers (and when you shouldn't)

- What functions to inhouse versus outsource

- The practices and routines that he’s implemented to help him along his 30 year entrepreneurial journey

Link to the episode: Bob Pritchett-Author of “Fire Someone Today” and Founder & Executive Chairman of Faithlife Software