All- One of my bigger regrets as an Entrepreneur and CEO is that I didn't hire a Coach to help guide me throughout my leadership journey. Indeed, with almost all CEOs with whom I now work, hiring a Coach is often one of the first things that I recommend.

As CEOs (and aspiring CEOs), I want to help you better understand what coaches do, how they can help, and why you might consider hiring one. So, in this podcast episode, I interview Warren Coughlin, who has been coaching SMB CEOs and Entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

We cover a wide array of topics, some of which include: What do CEO coaches actually do? What does a typical coaching engagement look like? When is an appropriate time to hire a coach, if at all? How much do coaches cost, and how should CEOs think about the ROI on that investment? How does one find a coach? How much of the coaching process is focused on the business vs. on the entrepreneur themselves? When should you fire your coach? And countless others.

Link to the episode can be found below (though In the Trenches is available wherever you access your podcasts):

CEO Coaches- What do they do, how do they work with CEOs, and why might you consider hiring one?

Please enjoy!