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OFF-MARKET PLUMBING/HVAC COMPANY IN UPSTATE NY Please see the details below. Reach out if you're interested in pursuing. SELLER CONTEXT: What is the age of the seller? The Seller is turning 60 in May this year. What is the seller open to (pricing wise)? Willing to hold a portion of the note. Don't know how much but the seller is open to have a discussion. Motivation on why he is selling? The seller is looking to retire because he has been doing this business for so long and is ready to do something else in retirement. Owners Responsibility: Run the day-to-day operations, finance, and does some design work for clients. At what capacity will they stay on for? The seller is willing to stay on for a period of time to make sure the transition is smooth as a consultant. BIZ CONTEXT: What does the business do? Home Service - Plumbing and Heating Biz Location: upstate NY 2.5 hours from Buffalo and 10 mins from Pennsylvania How long have they been in the biz? 29+ years Who do they serve? The company mostly serves commercial clients like multi-family developers, national tenants, and a small set of residential customers. How many customers do they have? 500+ What is the revenue? A little under $5 mil in 2023 What is the EBITDA? $459k with add backs How many employees and what do they do? 22 employees / 4 are office staff and 18 are in the field (8-9 HVAC / 7-8 plumbers / 1 delivery driver for materials). The seller’s son works in the company. He is 46 years old and could be a GM. What is the asking price? $1.8 mil negotiable Does the biz own or lease the space they operate from? The owner owns the building and values the property between $250 - $300k. The seller would be open to selling or leasing the building back to the business. How much equipment, furniture, etc do they have? They have 3 vans and purchasing 2 more. There is shop equipment. The business has about 640k worth of vehicles, equipment, and tools. Marketing: Most business comes from word of mouth. Business opportunities: The business doesn’t have a CRM for intaking customers. The business is a partner with Mitsubishi which provides residential service leads for HVAC which they have trouble with following up leads. There a big opportunity to expand the residential service side of the business. The business doesn’t have great marketing and would recommend revamping the company’s website. Business Weakness: The owner has the only plumbing license in the company. If you're interested I have the financials and access to seller. Please shoot me a message or respond to this post.

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New York, NY, USA
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