I am hoping to talk to Pipedrive masterminds about how they set up and used Pipedrive day to day in their search. I would really appreciate your time. I will summarise findings I get and repost given I have seen no previous posts with actionable details (please point me in the right direction if I missed anything).

Example of questions I am working through:
1. Should I use leads or deals for the initial proprietary outreach + reminders (currently thinking of leads for outreach and converting to deals once I get a response)
2. Is the Pipedrive outreach automation enough or do I need Reply.io/other tools to get it right?
3. How many pipelines do you use and for what journey? (currently I am thinking of one for proprietary outreach from the moment of first response and one for brokered deals)
4. What fields to include at the deal level? (currently thinking of basic dating criteria plus some proxy for a scorecard to be able to see quality of a deal at a glance and with a minimal need to double type info between tools)
5. How did you setup reporting to minimise the need for extra work when preparing investor reports?
6. Based on the above, which Pipedrive plan is enough?