A lot of your guys don't understand how Important perception is. Nobody talks about it, here's a miniguide.

  1. Get a business name: https://www.legalzoom.com/.../business.../llc-overview.html

Choose a business name and select the state you want to incorporate in, if it's available then take it.

  1. Clean up your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Make sure your bio either says what you do or your position in your company. DO NOT SAY ( Principal at NewCo )
  • Make sure your description is on point in regards to what you are currently doing and have done.
  1. Your Business:

Detail the sectors you are interested in and revenue sizes Detail your mission statement, plan and goals Detail your acquisition strategy so people know the way you operate and understand more what you are doing. List your team members so people can see who they are working with.

  • Get a business email with your domain, use either:
--@----.com --@----.com
  • Add a default signature to use for your email: https://www.mail-signatures.com/signature-generator/

  • A custom voicemail message on your number.

  • When answering say: This is your name with your company name, who am I speaking with. This will save you confusion specially when cold calling.

  • Have custom drafted documents, have your logo there as well.

In summary: Operate like if you are a billion dollar corporation!