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The Seller is a musician by trade, and a problem-solver by nature. It was after he could not find a convenient place to put his MP3 player during practice, that he started building prototypes of holders and mounting systems. His first device worked well and he received a utility patent for it and started manufacturing with a local plastic injection firm. It is now the only secure, one-step method for mounting. When the first iPads hit the market, he saw a greater potential for the device and redesigned it with a clip-in system; adding four extendable arms to secure the weightier tablet. In 2015, a second redesign allowed the mounting product to accommodate all sized devices to reduce the need for future retooling. The result is a product that mounts to any object or can be hand-held. After a pitch for use in the Space Station, it was named a NASA Top-10 Innovation product for the agency’s iTech Program. Sales have always been wholesale and via distributors only. The assets include three active web domains but no site has been configured for customer direct sales. This represents huge upside for the right marketing group. Profit margins are strong, especially for licensing deals but locating and working with an overseas manufacturer when minimum runs can be met, will ensure additional profitability. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: None. Competition: The market has been oversaturated by basic tablet mounts that are simple black plastic frames upon which a tablet will eventually mount. Conversely, this product is about innovation and function for not just one product and will not become obsolete with the next iPhone, tablet, or other portable electronic devices update. Meanwhile, the accessories market for electronics grows globally. Ongoing innovation has triggered substantial sales of consumer electronic accessories. The demand for products like headphones, selfie sticks, tripod stands, cables, chargers, remotes, and many others is incessantly rising owing to the growing adoption of the parent products. Growth & Expansion: Great opportunities await the buyer who can invest in mass production and launch a broad-scale marketing effort. The demand, the need, and the widespread applications have already been established. The product has been recognized by hand surgeons as providing a stable platform to hold tablets known as the “Position of Function.” This market; the medically correct way to hold objects, and serving the disabled community is completely untouched. Financing: If the price and deal structure is right. Support & Training: The Seller will be available as a mentor or consultant for as long as needed. Reason for Selling: The Seller does not have the time to market this product effectively.

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