Seeking capital for acquisition.
DEAL: Raising equity to co-invest and reach total funds of €10m for the acquisition of three standalone companies and to pursue their inorganic growth strategies. Target closings between December 2021 and May 2022.

Seeking capital for acquisition of the three companies based in Europe after having analysed more than 55 investment opportunities during the last year and negotiated with a total of 10 targets.

The opportunities are in three different sectors with a defined plan for buy-and-build and with a few Add-On acquisitions already in negotiation stage.

The three companies possess very positive ESG characteristics (energy efficiency, water conservation, employment diversity & risk of exclusion).

Strong team led by three partners with ample experience in M&A, special situations and performance improvement. Seasoned executives in place to lead the portfolio companies. Existing investors with ample experience in Private Equity, General Management and with specific industry expertise.

Exits planned for 2026 and conversations with buyers already started.

In case it's of your interest and want futher details, do not hesitate to reach out directly via SF or at [redacted] />
Thank you.