Hey, friends.

After a 10+ year career in Operations and Manufacturing leadership roles with $20M+ budgetary responsibilities, I jumped into ETA about a year and a half ago. I ran a self funded search for a few months before deciding to launch a startup instead. In a little over a year I built a home service business to ~$500k annualized recurring revenue and over 2,000 customers. I was offered to sell by a strategic buyer and we close in a couple of weeks.

Not sure I want to dive back into a full search solo from the beginning right now, but would love to stay in the SMB space. Which leads me to the question…anyone looking for an Operator in the DFW area? Open to partner or W2 relationship. I have a pretty broad skill set. Not looking to move the family at this point so restricted to DFW, but thought I’d throw it out there.