Want to buy an accounting firm?…452 deals - that’s how many deals I reviewed last week.

Most people tell me they see only 10 deals a week.

Just 2% of what I see in a week. Just 2%.

Deal flow is your lifeblood for buying a business.

You need a search machine to see more deals.

Don't have one, learn how to create one.

I am NOT selling a course.

There is NOTHING to buy at the end of this powerful free workshop.

Why am I spending hours creating this workshop for you?

Because I get 1 to 10 DMs a week with people asking for help to buy accounting firms.

I also spend 10 hours a week taking care of health care issues from being hit by a car.

This is my way of helping you and staying healthy.

Join us on Tuesday, June 25th, for a powerful FREE Online Event: How to Buy an Accounting Firm, where you’ll learn how to:

1. Buy a CPA firm if you're a non-CPA
2. Search mistakes CPAs are more likely to make
3. Find brokered market leads
4. Find off-market leads
5. Get to close

Ditch the boring talks—this event is next level.

With breakout rooms and high engagement, we will have a blast in leveling up your game and networking with other like-minded folks.

Whether you are a newcomer, a seasoned buyer, an investor seeking skilled operators, or a SMB owner, this event is right for you.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow! RSVP NOW: https://lu.ma/5xp1b1wt
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