Hereby I'm sharing the message I sent when I decided to postpone my search fund to my friends, family and investors.

Over the Christmas holidays, I had the opportunity to engage in discussions with few mentors about a search fund or a roll-up project. Through these conversations, and after the great Madrid SF convention and the good conversations had with you (investors), I gained insights into both the enjoyment and complexity associated with achieving success in such initiatives.

Over those conversations, I realized I need to build a stronger operational experience to ensure my odds of success either in a search fund or in a roll-up initiative, providing an adequate return to both my investors and to myself. That's why I've decided to defer my fundraising, even though the progress were definitively positive. Instead, I plan to seek opportunities that will help me acquire the necessary knowledge to enhance the likelihood of success in such initiatives. This strategic approach will enable me to build the essential experience, particularly if I'll undertake this venture as a solo.

I firmly believe that effectively managing risks is fundamental to achieving success, and I would never seek investments without being certain of providing an adequate return. This principle is rooted in both integrity and professionalism that is at the base of my personal and professional life. This is among the handful of stringent principles that I aim to establish as the foundation for the future of our professional collaboration.
Although arriving at this decision was challenging, I am convinced it is in the best interest of our overarching goal. I wish to emphasize that I am not stepping away from the search fund realm; it remains my ultimate objective. I would greatly appreciate staying in touch with you, to explore potential opportunities together in the future.

Was it a good decision? Future will tell.

Now I'm working for one of the biggest software conglomerate in the world, integrating a 20 MLN, 200 employee software business, learning how to achieve a nice IRR. What I'm learning right now in terms of pricing strategy, working capital improvement and cost saving it's the right experience in order to maximize my odds of achieving a nice ROI out of a search fund.

Wish you all the best of luck for your SF experience and don't hesitate to reach me out if you want to share your experience.