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One minute news - October 24th through October 30th

Searchfunder's weekly round up of news concerning search funds and entrepreneurship through acquisition.

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Australia 1st fund of search funds:

2 acquisitions in Spain; and

Novastone/Sebastien Perroud:

Search Investment Group;

Community events

UC Berkeley impact search funds; (Be sure to join our impact group! you'll find it under discover groups on the lower left side of your main Timeline page.)

 Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium[redacted]VETS’21):

Why Search Funds Need More Women:

Searchfunder events

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S.O.S.- Searchfunder Ops Session: Lessons Learned from Implementing a New ERP on Day 1:

Searchfunder Session: Entity Selection: Search Fund Structure and Target Entity Concern:

Searchfunder Session: Presenting Yourself to Brokers & Sellers: Stand Out, Win the Deal & Grow Your Biz as a Searcher:

Searchfunder Session: Finding Meaning, Purpose & Fulfillment on Your Search Journey:

Searchfunder Session: Get to Know Searchfunder: