Hello all,

1. I have came across a seller who is willing to sell three of his gas stations he operates in Minnesota.

2. I came across an active seller willing to sell a Gas station with a full service car wash in North Carolina.

I am currently in review of the financials of it all but they are profitable. They are two different owners, and willing to sell their businesses and/or the real estate. These will both be off-market deals and no one besides myself has looked at them yet.

Also, if you have any interest in RE backed deals or being a landlord collecting rent from national retailers, please private message me with your criteria so I can notify you of any deals that pop up. I mostly sell off-market since the deals I work on are genuinely great deals that buyers jump on it right away so there is no need to take it to the market. The reason for this post is to open the pool of serious buyers that already own businesses/real estate and are looking for additional long term investments.