I'm curious if anyone is interested in a JV on an off-market deal I've got in front of me. It's a bicycle shop doing 1M in annual revenue, 200k SDE. The married couple running it is ready to retire, my wife and I have known them personally for 5+ years. They have zero eCommerce, I can plug in a team from my ecomm agency to blow that part up with the discounted products they have access to. I've spent a ton of time gathering lots of information about the business, Beyond ecomm there is lots of opportunity to implement systems/processes, tech enable the business, lots of unnecessary ongoing expenses that could be reduced, and marketing that could be tuned up significantly. They have two solid employees. Only open 5 days a week so the owners can have time off. Lots of room for growth. They have not engaged a broker yet but the seller is already ok with 650k selling price plus inventory. It's located in Southwest Florida so you'll have to live or move to the area. I want to stay in my wheelhouse of ecomm using my agency, looking for someone that wants to get in there and run the physical business. Let me know if you want to learn more!