All - I've been curating a home healthcare deal in NY. Its $40M in revenues and $3-4M of EBITDA. All Medicaid and with healthy payor contracts. Lots of asymmetric upside potential that I can elaborate on, including potential for acquisitions to expand geographic coverage or add service areas (private duty, skilled, hospice, etc.). We have an IOI that was accepted for $18M, of which $14M will be upfront. We've conducted some pre-diligence and are assessing whether to move fwd. There are unique shareholder dynamics and license transfer protocols that may be require a quick deal, so may not work for a traditional senior debt+mezz+equity structure. I'd love to know if there are investors familiar with the space and can move quickly with an equity deal knowing there will be an opportunity for a debt and/or dividend recap in a year. If so, please reach out/DM.