Hi everyone, I recently launched my self-funded search and wanted to introduce myself. If you're also in the early phases of a search, or based in the New York area, I'd love to connect and find peers to go through this process with.

About me:
1. Self-funded searcher based in New York City
2. Previous experience in management consulting (Bain & Co.), and as Chief of Staff / Business Operations at an Insurance Technology firm
3. Outside of work I enjoy playing music, hiking, reading, and travel

My search:
1. Looking for a business earning between $500k-$3M of EBITDA, based between New York and Washington DC
2. Open to a range of industries
3. Proof of capital available on request
4. Check out my website cloverbrookcapital.com for more info

What I'm looking for:
1. Connecting with other searchers to share learnings as we go through this process
2. Introductions to brokers covering the East Coast
2. Recommendations/ introductions to SMB lawyers
3. Recommendations/ introductions to SBA lenders
4. Recommendations/ introductions to QoE providers

More info available at cloverbrookcapital.com. Thanks, looking forward to connecting!