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The business is a successful cosmetic medical clinic that offers industry leading medical spa treatments, including laser treatments, cosmetic services, injectables, and more. It was founded in 2001 by a doctor who was one of the first non-dermatologists to enter the field of cosmetic medicine and helped pioneer the concept of using Botox to improve wrinkles. The clinic was the first skin and laser clinic to be established in its northern CA area and has expanded over the years to a loyal base of over 10,000 active patients. The practice was considered on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics in its early days and has since expanded to include highly innovative equipment and treatments such as injectable treatments, treatments for sexual health, hair transplant surgery, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and treatment for hyperhidrosis, among others. The business is known for innovation and excellent customer care, often offering the newest technologies and treatments while keeping a close rapport with patients. Services are highly diversified in revenue, and the business has achieved consistent revenues over time by introducing new treatments and differentiating itself from competitors. The highly experienced team comprises six employees, including an office manager and medical assistant who have been with the business for over a decade. As a well-known and well-regarded medispa since 2001, the company has potential opportunities for expansion through new innovative service offerings such as liposuction, regenerative medicine, peptide therapies, and anti-aging and weight loss treatments. The client base can also be expanded through marketing and sales efforts, including social media outreach and hiring a salesperson. There is also capacity in the current facility to expand services and increase the number of clients that can be accommodated. The practice has spent the last 20+ years developing a strong reputation for cutting edge medical aesthetic services and excellent patient care, enabling it to build a loyal base of customers and be widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry. It is well-placed for potential growth in the California market under new ownership. A buyer must be a physician available to work in the practice or a Management Service Organization (MSO) and Management Service Agreement (MSA) with a physician. SBA Pre-Approved Lending for a Qualified Buyer!

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