I'm working with a US based profitable and growing IT services and staffing company with a global team and customers in the US. The current EBITDA is around $2M after all operating and debt expenses. They are in talks to acquire a similar company (in California) with $14M in revenue and $4M in EBITDA. The combined entity's EBITDA will be $6M not accounting for any cost synergies.

They have solid customer base, and are also in the process of using their customer base to convert into an MSP (Managed Services Provider) business model with even more predictable revenues in the long run

They are looking for a debt investment partner for two needs

  1. Term loan of $1M for working capital needs
  2. Acquisition loan of $5M

Will this be a fit for any cash flow based non-traditional lenders? I understand that there is a directory of lenders here but I figured posting this as a message would also be a time efficient option to find a good debt partner. I'm anonymous since the company wants to be selective in revealing the details. Please share your firm's website or email ID if this looks like a fit.