How common on a small ($1.3m EV) financial buyer-type deal is it to have AR excluded, include Earnest Money Deposit, and move straight from buyer/seller call to APA?

IOI, LOI, DD, APA --> all part of the dating process and now I feel like, maybe all of that is a time and process killer for such a small deal in this case.

AR/AP - always felt similar to gas in the tank for a new car you just bought and drove off the lot. For this small of a deal, wondering if just not how it's handled in this neck of the woods.

EMD - seems more RE transaction related to me but I can also see how it ties into moving straight to the APA and demonstrating commitment on my end.

I almost feel like I am getting taken for a ride but at the same time can see the other side's point.

Business has consistent $1.2m Annual Rev, $450k SDE with ~$250k in land included.