Would like to ask the community to share their thoughts on the following:

Recently I had a rather interesting conversation with a private equity firm in Wellington, New Zealand which I found to be rather interesting. 

Essentially he mentioned that the reason behind the massive foreign investment inflow into the local economy is due to the historically low EBITDA multiples (as low as 3x) which can be found in several primary industries. Going on from this, he also mentioned that he feels the tourism & food production industries to also be of significant interest as it is highly fragmented with no major national market leaders as yet. Recently, the NZ government has announced major infrastructure projects as well worth billions which will also drive the primary industries connected with construction, engineering and technology with many of the companies being mature, privately owned family businesses.

As yet, I believe the searchfund model to be unheard of in NZ and therefore I'd be interested to hear if anyone here is actually interested in exploring the possibility of a NZ based search? 

Food for thought perhaps...