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The opportunity for what has been described by some as the new TIK TOK for business.  It is a mobile application, one of the first of its kind that offers a platform for investors and entrepreneurs alike to showcase their pitch on the new Quollify Application.  With almost £1m funding already they are set to begin a funding round in which they are looking for an investment of £3m for early stage shares of the mobile application for approximately 45% shareholding. They will be doing 3 rounds of funding before floating as a plc. Initially £3m will for approx 45% shares. 2nd round will be £10m for 10%. Final round £100m for 10%. Based on the success of clubhouse and Tik ToK, they are targeting £1b valuation within 12 months of floating as a PLC. The application marketing campaign has been released to over 40 million viewers via UK regional news and media outlets with further marketing soon to be published across the national media outlets. As they progress through each stage they will launch the application globally. The founder is a serial entrepreneur, author of 28 books and experienced business expert and mentor. Please review the links below and revert back to me if its of interest or you have any questions.  Thanks again.  QUOLLIFY LINKS:  Deck http://www.quollify.com/deck/pitch-deck.pdf  Demo Deck (to video) http://www.quollify.com/Demo-Deck/Quollify-Demo-Deck.pdf VideoDemo https://ln.sync.com/dl/a1bd1bcc0/sndnp7wx-yz5jnsxd-ifgwvifr-itwt276y 

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