My cofounder and I went through Y Combinator in 2023, and noticed a big shift in how startup founders were thinking about their business. Many of them were venture backed and finding it harder than ever to grow fast and justify their valuations, and have started to plan for an exit. Startups that would never accept less than a 10x multiple two years ago are now entertaining offers at 3-7x, creating a massive opportunity for financial buyers in an industry that traditionally only sold to strategics.

The problem is founders have no idea how to run a M&A process and where to find buyers. Many were also inherently skeptical of business brokers who usually didn't understand tech, and wanted to work with someone who did. We started Dealwise to solve this problem.

Quick stats from the last month since we launched:
- 45 active listings: we now delist sellers if they don't reply
- 64 weekly active buyers
- Over 175 messages sent from buyers to sellers
- 25% seller reply rate
- Average ARR of companies on Dealwise: $1.96mm

Some examples of the proprietary deals we have listed:
- A SaaS company with $4.5mm in ARR that sells to media companies, including the third biggest sports event in the world
- Bootstrapped and profitable management software for local sports teams, making $1.1mm per year
- Micro-SaaS company generating $42,000 per year in profit with no marketing, no employees and just $500/month in costs

Check it out at

We charge just a 1% success fee if you make an acquisition but is otherwise free to use. However we do vet buyers who sign up to ensure sellers on Dealwise are receiving high quality inbounds from purposeful buyers. Feel free to reach out to me at if you want to learn more!