Just wanted to post an introduction to the group, looking forward to learning, helping, working with all of you!

I'm a 23+ year serial entrepreneur, with experience in B2B services, CPG (manufacturing, retail, distribution), healthcare, tech (software, analytics, loss prevention) and residential construction/development. I've been on both sides of dealmaking, selling multiple businesses, and part of acquiring deal teams, primarily in the middle-market.

My partner and I have launched a self-funded, independent sponsor firm (www.growandcompany.co) with ~$2M of our own funds with ready access to another $2M from our network. We're actively looking for a great mezzanine partner and senior lender (nonrecourse) for lower middle-market deals in the $2-5M EBITDA range.

We are also looking to expand our deal flow through this network and would welcome all opportunities that fit our general criteria.

Looking forward to making connections!