The following new acquisition opportunities were posted in the past few days by the broker and are available for 3-4x EBITDA (based solely on the public listings). I would be interested in funding zero-rate preferred equity if I like the deal. See below summaries and links to the listings at the bottom:

You may have to copy/paste the below link instead of just clicking on it, for some odd reason:

Generator service in MA – $6.1M at 0.7x revenue and 3.9x EBITDA of $1.55M Texas pool service – $1.8M at 0.8x revenue and 3.6x EBITDA of $500k Saint Louis landscaping – $1.7M at 0.9x revenue and 3.1x EBITDA of $550k Los Angeles CPA firm – $1.4M at 1.2x revenue and 2.8x EBITDA of $500k

Generator service in MA –

Texas pool service –

Saint Louis landscaping –

Los Angeles CPA firm –

I would be interested in funding zero-rate preferred equity for up to the full equity requirement, at a 2.0x step-up and 0% pref rate, if I like the deal. I can also consider the traditional pref structure. In such a case, I’m happy to provide a letter of support with proof of funds for you to share with the broker, and to review the broker package before you submit an LOI. I primarily invest in home services, professional services, and other stable industries and hope to back 7 searchers over the next six months with $100k to $1M checks in businesses generating $500k to $2.5M of EBITDA. You can DM me or reach me at either to discuss these deals or any other deals you are working on.

Regards, Jeff