Hey There,

The most known approach to finding the deals I see is cold emails. Most people use that and work well for some people.

One of the tiring tasks is of finding the targetted list so that your outreach is going to the right audience. Now, either you can get a list and do a blast, or can curate one manually.

It is super tiring to make it yourself, isn't it?

If yes, I would like to help you with the same.

I have built 100s of email databases over the past few years for various businesses and would love to help you build one. Can also create databases for multi-touch, which means including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter in it and reaching out across multiple platforms.

Can also help with managing the campaign, writing email copy, and other marketing support you might need.

Drop me an email at --@----.com or just a message here or on LinkedIn would work too.

Happy hunting for the deals.