Hello everyone! I have been lurking in the discussions for about six months now and figured it was well past time to introduce myself. A huge thank you to those of you that reached out for intro calls regardless of my silence!

I am a husband and father of five. In June 2023, I retired from the U.S. Army with the majority of my time spent at Fort Bragg, NC.

I am currently conducting a self-funded search while also working full time. I have not ruled out transitioning to a traditional search eventually; however, I have a pretty tight geographical limitation through at least June###-###-#### With that in mind, I am currently focusing my search in Eastern / Central North Carolina. Thus far, my search has solely consisted of monitoring the online brokerage listings. My search is largely industry agnostic, but I find myself incredibly intrigued by manufacturing and industrial services; especially the intersection between CNC machining, fabrication, plastics, or composites, and where automation and robotics can be implemented to improve efficiency and productivity.

I would like to connect with anyone in the ETA space (deal team, advisors, investors, potential partners, etc). Glad to chat virtually or grab a bite to eat and beverage with anyone in the Raleigh / Fayetteville region and discuss potential deals or generally what others are seeing regardless of whether still searching or already operating.

Cheers, Weldon