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Turnkey, Absentee Owners, Home-Based, Relocatable Yes Yes Yes Yes! National online platform for moving and home services. Over 42,000 contractors signed up in the 131 largest metro areas in the US, servicing 49 states. This intangible asset alone is worth over 1M solely based on the cost one would incur signing up this many contractors to a new platform. This business is highly profitable with great margins. The worker database is currently able to accommodate 30x the current customer volume, which means all you need is marketing to scale. The business generates customers through 3 avenues: 1. Organic: The company owns 19 Google my Business Profiles with over 3000 combined reviews (4.8 star average) We have the best and most reviews in the industry! The company owns 2 main websites and owns 11 DBA websites. 2. Word of Mouth: The company has great word of mouth traction. An estimated 20% of all business comes from word of mouth referrals. Our independent contractors provide quality services at the best prices in the industry, and our clients are almost always happy and tell their family and friends! Craigslist: We advertise on Craigslist. (pretty sophisticated huh;) These 3 avenues constitute our entire marketing effort and strategy. Someone with a marketing background can grow the customer base and revenue exponentially, practically overnight. We currently do not market with Google ads or Facebook ads, because we do not know how! To be frank, we the owners do not have the time, the energy, or the know how to grow the business much beyond what it is today. We believe strongly in this business, what it represents, and the value it brings to both our clients and contractors. We really want to see our baby in good hands and taken to the moon by the right individual, family office, or PE firm. The business has the potential to be the “Uber of home services, moving and labor”. Being TRULY nationwide has it's benefits and there is a huge opportunity to partner with, and be a vendor for a variety of large corporations, notably self storage REITS and last mile logistics companies. We've had meetings with a couple of the large US REITS and most of them are interested in us being either a vendor for them or a partner with them due to this strength of ours. The benefit we provide them as a vendor is we are able to service all of their locations. Right know they have individual vendors for individual locations and it drives their maintenance departments crazy making different phone calls and sending different emails for each of their hundreds of locations! Interested parties please reach out via e-mail. Those that reach out expressing interest will receive an NDA to sign. Parties that sign the NDA will receive the CIM and financials, and have the opportunity to have a management meeting with us (the owners) upon request. The business is currently somewhat interest rate dependent, and fluctuates between 500k and 800k SDE depending on where interest rates are. This is because 70% of our current business is moving labor and more homes are bought and sold when interest rates are lower. Whether interest rates are currently high or low we will not change the valuation, because right now with 1 hour work per week we bring in 500k-800k SDE per year. With the intangible asset valued at over 1M- worst case scenario the buyer is getting a 4x valuation based solely on cash flow. Owners are seeking a buyer with cash, or their own financing. We are not interested in SBA buyers. The owners are seeking to roll over minority or majority equity. The owners are seeking a buyer who is growth oriented, who wants to and has the vision and the skillset to help scale the business 100x +.

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