Hello Everyone, I am here to learn more about how search funds work. I recently realized in my journey to learn more about M&A that what I'm trying to do is best suited for a Search Fund.

I am an absentee owner of a Amazon Consulting Agency, I am looking to leverage this business asset to manage a portfolio of Amazon FBA businesses that are required through raising capital.

I am a member of the Acquisition Lab started by Walker Dibel, author of the book Buy the Build. This is where I began my journey learning about acquisitions.

I am also a member of the Strategic Coach which has allowed me to make tremendous breakthroughs in my thinking about how to best scale my business interests. The "Who not How" concept has me excited about utilizing the leadership team in my Amazon Consulting Agency to run the Search Fund on my behalf.

I have technical experience in the areas of WordPress, Organic SEO, and Amazon Seller & Vendor Central. I have practical experience with the Entrepreneurial Operating System and the Four Disciplines of Execution. I also read about one Business book per week. If there's anything you like to ask me about, please reach out, I'm happy to help.

I'm looking to learn where the gaps are in my search fund plan and what resources are the most reliable from practical experience in the Search Fundr community.