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we currently have five active companies in our portfolio looking for investors, strategic partners and/or M&A activity.: 1st and foremost is a $1.5M ARR wireless broadband company looking for an additional $3M with $1M going towards provisioning equipment to existing subscription clients and $2M going to match government awarded funds of $8M under the Jobs act “BEAD” program for construction of new wireless networks in underserved areas of Georgia and elsewhere within the US. 2nd is also a startup SaaS startup play that matches home care patients (usually the elder or infirm,) looking for skilled or unskilled home-aides and related home care agencies. The SW has been completed and a commercial version is almost ready for online. The ask is for $2M to launch service and operate for 18 months until positive cash flow being reached. 3rd company is also SaaS startup which developed patented AI technology for academic, scientific, government and other large creators/consumers of very large documents. Their internet based technology allows a subscriber to submit their large###-###-#### page documents and condense info to###-###-#### % size without (relatively) sacrificing the integrity of information. 4th company founded by a seasoned NY advertising executive, has been awarded government concessions to build 500 digital bus shelters in London and 1200 in Dubai with revenue coming from these bus shelters containing, a) digital billboards for large brands, b) hotspots and WiFi locally, and c) sales of the captured user data. 5th project includes a large New Orleans deep water port and natural gas storage project being constructed out of non-corroding Basalt composite material combined with cement. Our client has been awarded the concession to build and operating the smelting plant for the Basalt production under a PPP type arrangement with state of LA and with Louisiana 23 project manager. If any of the above seem interesting, we would be happy to provide more info and please let me know of any questions or concerns. Thanks and regards, ps Paul Stamoulis +###-###-#### www.OneStopCap.com One Stop Capital, thousands of tech companies, just one call!

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