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Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) available upon receipt of our short online NDA - visit here: https://pronovapartners.com/engagement/multi-sku-cpg-disruptor-seeks-growth-equity-partner/ ProNova Partners is pleased to offer this generational opportunity to partner with an established multi-decade CPG management team that seeks a supportive equity partner to expand product lines, production capacity, and capitalize on future sales opportunities. The company sells an array of recession proof items that are needed by every woman, man, and child in the US and around the world. Some of their products are crafted from bamboo so represent a unique and environmentally friendly offering that no other major brand in their categories are presently offering. The time is now to gobble up marketshare, expand, and potentially sell for a billion plus to one of the major players that dominate the industry categories they already have products in. Forecasted revenue growth of 30% per year and enjoying a wide customer base of over 3,500 customers, business is very much recurring at >90% retention year-over-year. Due to rising costs across the supply and production chain, the Company has secured a foothold as an industry disruptor by manufacturing a comparable and often a clearly superior & environmentally friendlier product at a fraction of the cost. The management team has the opportunity to grow multiple product lines and spin up (per their current client’s previous request) a private label manufacturing division ON TOP of their current branded product lines. An immediate and urgent infusion of capital is required to take advantage of the >50 Million case order for various SKU’s (just in ONE of the product categories the company manufactures!) The goal is to invest in manufacturing infrastructure, satisfy the current order backlog, secure more multi-million case orders across other categories, and ultimately exit to one of the dominant publicly traded players for a 7 figure exit within 3-5 years. Transactional flexibility abounds as the Company is open to various minority, majority, dilutive or non-dilutive scenarios so long as they can be afforded the runway to execute their vision of rapid growth and manufacturing excellence. Instead of ‘if you build it they will come’ this scenario is ‘we have the orders let’s build it and fill it’. NDA is required {LINK ABOVE} to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: Large manufacturing facility perfect for the opportunity. Competition: Competition is dominated by a small number of multi-billion dollar industry players but the Company has superior competitive advantages that will disrupt the marketplace. Growth & Expansion: Building on the strong foundation, a Buyer could grow the company and increase revenues via additional verticals that have already been identified by the current management team. Support & Training: To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success the Sellers will work with a buyer as needed for a few years to ensure all milestones and growth projections are met. Reason for Selling: The Sellers are looking for a supportive equity partner to spearhead rapid growth.

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