Just Released V 3.0

MSP Back of the Envelope Business Value Evaluator and Roadmap for Growth

The MSP business evaluator estimates what your business is worth (by asking 5 questions) and provides a blueprint for scaling your business to the next peer group. It establishes your baseline and creates a detailed blueprint needed to accelerate your business to the next peer group and beyond.

The blueprint will go as far as to advise you where you should be concentrating your efforts and resources. and provide a business plan including a customized budget.

Video Link – How to use Evaluator on YouTube (Paul Daigle) https://youtu.be/CGfem71e25s

Link to Evaluator on Website: 1. www.BizAdvisoryBoard.com 2. On the top menu bar select “Resources” 3. Click on the selection “Business Evaluator” 4. Click on the Button “Download it for FREE” 5. Follow the directions