Seeking capital.
I am seeking a 200k cash flow loan or equity investment to finalize this seller finance based acquisition in Ontario, Canada. I am flexible on interest rates and/or share distribution. In summary, the clinic generates $2m in revenue and $400k in EBITDA. It is a mental health based clinic in Ontario with 26 mental health practitioners and a full management team that will continue after the sale. The purchase price is $1,440,000 (about 3.61x EBITDA). On closing I need $200k for a down payment to the seller, in the form of debt or equity. The sales agreement is signed, and I am in the process of raising the 200k necessary to close. The terms of the VTB note are: $10k per month payments for the first 20 months, followed by $20k a month payments from the 21st month to the 59th month. On the 60th month there will be a balloon payment for the remainder of the VTB note, which I plan to refinance with a bank. Please let me know if you are interested in providing the financing or capital injection to get this deal finished. I plan to have a complete payback to the investor/lender within 12 months, but I am flexible. I can also provide 50k of the 200k I am looking to raise if you would like to see "skin in the game". I have also attached my companies Executive Summary for your review. Thanks, Tyler Ford CEO of BioEquity ###-###-####

Ontario, Canada
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