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Company Overview ● Founded 25 years ago, Project Island (the “Company”) is a full-service marketing and communication agency with robust research, strategy, in-house creative, and media buying capabilities serving a niche educational market. ● Proprietary real-time research platform. Real results from up-to-the-minute data developed from research instruments and protocols which deliver clear and insightful intelligence. ● The Company has east and west coast, and Midwest offices to strategically grow institutions across the US. ● Most of the staff now works remotely, bringing the flexibility to manage the operation from any location. ● The company has a clear vision and understanding of the client’s needs delivering fully integrated services by staff that have attended, taught or been employed in colleges and universities. ● Using comprehensive research and relevant data to drive strategy, the Company’s campaigns consistently exceed industry averages. ● Their integrated service delivery model follows a proven process using a team approach that leverages the skills of subject matter experts that scale across accounts which leads to successful, repeatable delivery and customer satisfaction. Financial Performance (USD) ● The Company has seen 46% CAGR on topline revenue from 2017 to 2020. ● The Company maintained equal profitability in 2020 compared to 2019 despite the pandemic and market uncertainty. ● To offset the effects of COVID, a strategic decision was made to allow media revenue to grow past the company’s media revenue ceiling of 47%. ● 2021 shows modest top line growth, however the 2021 agency vs. media revenue mix is forecast to drop media revenue below 47% thereby increasing the bottom line on the same top line revenue.

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