Hello everyone! I'm new to search funder and excited to connect with the community.

A little background on me - I own a video production/marketing company here in San Antonio that I started in###-###-#### A few years ago, I got turned on to the idea of growing through acquisition from a podcast and haven't gone a week without at least an hour of BizBuySell doomscrolling since.

In 2022, I bought a small Amazon FBA business using my 401k and the ROBs program. Ultimately, I regret going too small and Amazon is a pain to deal with...but I learned a lot and plan on taking those learnings with me. If anyone wants to hear my experience with the ROBs program, happy to share that as well.

Now, my focus is expanding the video marketing agency and growing through acquisition. To that end I just recently got a marketing agency just down the road in Houston under LOI. The agency has over 100 clients, close to $1M in Annual revenue (95% recurring/5% project based) and about $600k in SDE. They focus primarily on the healthcare (including dentists and orthodontists) niche and have over 100 clients.

I love the niche, and I love the client diversity. The plan is to cross-sell video production and social media management services to the existing client base, as well as spin up some outbound marketing as the current owner isn't doing anything meaningful there.

I look forward to getting to know the community more. Big shout out to Will Smith and his awesome podcast for giving me the knowledge and confidence to take this step, and pointing me to this site.

Reach out and connect if you are on a similar journey - or are open to lending a hand. I don't come from a finance background and have a lot to learn.