Hello! Is anybody hiring somebody to do outreach/development for an M&A venture?

For context, I tried my hand at my own M&A investment group back in###-###-#### , but decided to put my own ventures on a halt back in October after getting married and settling in. I am currently working full time in a sales job not related to M&A.

With that said, since leaving the world of M&A, it feels like a part of me died! I still have a lot of enthusiasm about sourcing, analyzing and developing deal flow. Although I am employed, I have a lot of spare time I would love to put towards someone’s venture. If anyone needs someone to obtain leads, analyze deals, conduct meetings, and/or build relationships in their deal flow pipeline, I am that guy!

Although I am located in Cleveland, I have experience working remotely. It would be great to work on a pay-per-LOI or pay-per-deal basis and either get a commission or piece of equity.

I am excited to add value for somebody! Feel free to reach out if you have questions, and maybe we can set up a convenient time to talk. Thank you.