Hi everyone,

I'm a new searcher and new to the searchfunder community (this is my 1st post!). I've spent the past few months researching search funds/ETA and am now embarking on my own search.

Parameter-wise, I'm (currently) self-funded and seeking companies in the 750k-$2M EBITDA ranges in the San Diego county area. In terms of industries, I'm agnostic but am looking for high-recurring revenues, low customer/supplier concentration plus many of the characteristics typical of search fund acquired companies. I'd prefer digital/software businesses (that's where my industry experience is), but I'm open to any opportunities I come across.

I'm very interested in networking with searchers who have successfully acquired (or are in the processes of searching/acquiring) businesses while targeting a specific geographical area. Bonus points for searchers who have done that in Southern California. If any of you fit that profile and would be willing to help a new searcher, please comment on this post!

Much appreciated and I look forward to adding value to this community!