I joined the community this year and have met with 50+ deal sponsors so far. I've closed on my first batch of investments and I still have plenty of dry powder left to go this year. Generally $250k checks but open to sole investor for strategic deals.

Investment Criteria

I am open minded to most industries and business models, but at this point I'm drawn towards professional services / agencies that can be strategic partners for my AI & technology consulting practice. Deals with technology/AI transformation potential and/or rollups are high priority for me.

Seeking Advisors

I am also actively seeking out advisors with a significant professional finance/business background to discuss some high potential plays that combine my tech startup background with the M&A world.

Seeking Analyst Intern

On the lookout for an unpaid analyst intern to help me do diligence on both growth investments and some exciting/unique cash flowing opportunities in the skunkworks.

Networking with the Community
I'm also happy to network with members of the community who do not necessarily fit into these boxes! If you are a fellow investor who is looking for high growth cash flow plays, I've got some unique opportunities brewing.

Please send me an email: --@----.com and we can schedule a chat.